Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breath of Fire III - Fight! (Feat. Marcpapeghin)

Finally, a new video ! And it's with Marc ! :D


  1. Hey! Just thought I'd leave a comment here quick... I just found your stuff on youtube today, and listening to a lot of these tunes (especially the Sonic ones) almost brought me to tears... Ah, nostalgia. Thank you for making my day, and I hope you keep doing this awesome work! You are amazingly talented.

  2. Génial, merci encore !!

  3. So happy to see you back posting videos! Been missing you!

  4. C'est incroyable, à chaque vidéo que tu mets, tu me (et je peux même dire "nous") vends du rêve !
    Qu'un mot a dire: MERCI !

    Continue à nous faire rêver, toi et ton bonnet! :)