Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saw Tricky live yesterday...

Awesome gig. Awesome man. Invites 100 people from the crowd to dance on stage with him while covering "Ace of Spades"... oO

You don't see a lot of artists hugging their fans.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Vega's Theme - Street Fighter II (guitar duet feat. Kev)

Hey ! This video is actually an excuse to ask you for a favor. Remember last year, when I got into the Video Games Live contest and finished 2nd ?

Well, this year, even though I submitted a video (my last one, Cid's Theme), I'm not asking for your votes. Instead, I'd be really thankful if you'd vote for some friends of mine, a video games cover band called the Flying Penguins.

They entered the contest with a great jazz-fusion medley of Castlevania Symphony of the Night:

It's these kind of performances that brings recognition to VG music. PLEASE, go check them out and vote for them ! You'll need an account on Dailymotion (if you don't have one, it only takes a minute to create one).