Monday, November 9, 2009

Aerith's Theme - Final Fantasy VII (Guitar Duet)

Some of you have been waiting for this one !


  1. Hey! That's so well done! It's awesome too that you're smiling just about all the way through!

  2. Absolutely awesome dude.. I have a thing for this song, and I loved your performance.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. This has to be one of -if not the- most beautiful versions of this tune. Your performances are spotless.

    Thank you. And congratulations. It´s a shame that, because of the copyrights, it would be hard to put all your stuff in a CD. I would pay good money for it.


  4. How do we buy a CD of your music?! ~

  5. Awesome!!!
    The intro sounds a little like Dream Theater's "Fatal Tragedy" or "Finally Free," I can't remember.

  6. Bouche bée...
    C'est juste magnifique, il faut absolument que tu envoies tes reorchestrations a Maitre Uematsu.
    Ton talent doit être connu de tous.

    PS: Y'a moyen de te louer pour une soirée sur Paris pour t'écouter? :p

    Chapeau l'artiste.

    PS: un remix de "Memoro de la Stono" prévu (je sais que c'est plutôt difficile de traiter ce morceau mais bon, on ne sait jamais...?)

  7. Il doit y avoir un souci avec le lien, j'ai une erreur en la lançant. :/

  8. Ah bah nan au temps pour moi, ça fonctionne -_-'.